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Parent must complete online Registration/Waiver Form  before class starts. No player will be allowed to play without Signed Forms. It’s on the website. 

Parents or Guests will not be allowed inside during our main HP 2,3 classes to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure. Parents can pick up and drop off from the overhead garage door entrance. The front entrance door will always be closed.

Bring a cooler large enough for it to double as a seat if player needs to sit during breaks. There are no benches or chairs for sitting due to USTA regulations.  The small wheeled coolers are the best. They sell at Walmart for around $20. Please put your NAME on the cooler.

We will have Hand Sanitizer. We are going to have frequent breaks during class for CLASS HAND SANITIZER TIME on most break time.

Coaches will be Disinfecting balls and hoppers regularly before , during and after practice so please be patient when we take the time to sanitize frequently during practice for the sakes of all our wellbeing.  
You must wear a mask coming and going on when you are within 6 ft of each other. You must come to class wearing a mask. We will be spacing you apart over 6 ft so that you can run and play without having to keep it on.

Bring your own water bottle with your name on it. Unmarked water bottles that are left behind will be thrown away at the end of the day.

Hoppers will be assigned to coaches/staff/responsible senior player only. Players will kick balls to net with their rackets for collecting up balls for easy ball collection.

Please alert your players to stay 6 ft apart at all times. Please do not drop them off earlier than 10 min before camp. Kids must wear mask coming and going.  

Please tell your player to wash hands as frequently as possible Bathrooms are now installed with automatic no touch faucets and automatic no touch soap dispensers.

Must schedule Make Up  online and get a confirmation in order to be able to attend class. Please do not just show up because every spot on that court is spoken for. We are trying our best to make sure this  Safety First Tennis and we need your help to make that possible. We will not be able to accommodate a player that just shows up. 

If player or any family member is sick, Player MUST stay home. If player or family member are diagnosed with Covid 19, they Must stay home for 14 days after Diagnosis to ensure the safety of other people. You will have make ups or credit for the time missed. We are very serious on this matter. Any player that knowingly comes to camp sick will forfeit his spot for the rest of the camp session. If you are not feeling well , please stay home! There will be plenty of time to do make ups or get credit. We will have thermometers for spot checking by coaches.

PLEASE GIVE THE COACHES ROOM TO WORK EFFECTIVELY. THEY CANNOT BE EXPECTED to ANSWER PARENTS MESSAGES WHILE WORKING WITH PLAYERS. We want to set realistic expectations so that our coaches are protected. We will try our very best to address all your concerns at the APPROPRIATE TIME.
There is no refund after class starts. No Exceptions.