‚ÄčEola Tennis Academy

College Tennis Preparatory Academy


Fall Session Sundays  6:30 -9 pm

Text to Dr Choi  if you would like to participate:  630-864-8624

Sunday, Nov 7

Sunday, Nov 21

Must prepay to reserve a spot. No refund within 24 hours. 

Learning Goal #1:  WINNING the Match point is not easy. It takes a lot of tight matches or tie breaks to calm the nerves so you can perform consistently. You have to do it over and over again. That's how you win consistently.  You earn an extra point when you can close the game here with our Sunday Match Plays. We do this so that players learn how important it is to close out the game.  

Learning to handle the mental pressures of matches is critical in developing a competitive player. The earlier the player is exposed to regular matches, the easier it is for the player to acclimate to the pressure of competition. 

Cost: $38

Sunday, Oct 24

2390 S. EOLA ROAD, AURORA       www.eolatennis.com