College Tennis Preparatory Academy

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was founded by 3 Yale graduates (Jeff Dawson, Connor Dawson and Kyle Dawson) who were  accomplished NCAA Division I Tennis Players as well as brothers that grew up playing tennis in the Chicago western suburbs. 

During their time at Yale, they co-founded the New Haven Tennis Organization, which was a mentoring program for underprivileged and underserved areas. They discovered how important the lessons they had acquired in their tennis training through their junior  years had helped develop their character and perseverance. 

They wanted to share the importance of what they had learned in an efficient and well documented way that makes the lessons more readily accessible to everyone. Hence, the online video tennis tutorial was born.

Rhabit's instructional videos teach proven skills and strategy development techniques from well known tennis coaches and professional tennis players. We have over 1,000 teaching videos from well known tennis professionals. Please check us out at